Producer Losif Stalin hails from the tristate/dmv era and brings with him a rich history of creating and seeing sounds since the days of his youth. As he describes "I have synesthesia, so I’ve always kind of perceived music in a peculiar way. I remember the first time I heard "The Neptune’s Presents Clones", It was at that moment that I decided to take music a little bit more seriously" Since 2004, Stalin has been building a crescendo with his musicality and has since produced for a plethora of artists not only on the BANDO Beatz label, but other artists such as Yung Glees, Skygod Spence, and even commercial imprints like SAPIO Magazines' SAPIO Cinema production company.


  Psyn Beats is a Minnesota bred producer who has been steadily developing his sound for the last ten years and describes his production style as "versatile" but pointedly "Midwestern". Inspired by the likes of Dr. Dre, Zaytoven, TM88, and Metro Booming, Psyn Beats' greatest motivator is his family and promise of a better financial horizon: "I’m motivated by family & being poor. Gotta grind & be dope to make sure family good & no longer poor. So I look at my day to day as motivation".


  For the last 15 years, ADV (also known as Pacman) has been developing his unique artistry and production sound. While the various landmarks of the Eastside of Atlanta are where he calls home, ADV has cultural roots that spread across the Eastern Seaboard, as he attended undergrad at Hampton College, and has also lived in D.C. ADV can't personally classify the "style" of his sound as he's been known to mix genres and song structures at will. As he explains: " I could never put a [name] on my sound, it's literally just what sounds good. My first album was a mediation aIbum My last shit was straight trap with melodies, so I really only make what sounds good."  With influences that re just as vast (ranging from Andre 300 and Young Dro to jazz and orchestra, as ADV sumrises he's just inspired  overall to continue to leave his signature in the library of musical greats.

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OG Ronlo is a representative of Savannah, GA and has been carving his own lane audibly for the last decade. Having crafted a self described "southern trap/hip hop" sound, he says his production influenced by the artistic styles of Gucci Mane, Pharrell, and Kanye West;  OG Ronlo says his greatest inspiration comes from his 3 year old son.