We have some of the best commercial rates in the city are open to working with you on  longer bookings. Our passion is providing artists with the ideal environment for making your dream records come to life.


$30-$45 per hour (Engineer optional)

For only $30.00 an hour, you can enjoy our recording facilties and full use of our included equipment as well as enjoy the benefits of our provided refreshments, vending machine access, and kitchen space. An Engineer is also available to work with you in session for $45.00 an hour.



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Prepare your project for streaming success and add mastering of your record to your next session. For an additional fee, our distinguished production team can lend their expertise to prepping your records for longterm success.



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We have a full staff and state of the art of the equipment ready to assist you with all of your audio needs.  If you'd like to have help mixing your record to industry standard specifications, we'd love to join you in the session. Just give us a call for a qoute on our specialized services.


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For an additional cost, you can have one of our in house production team members join you in your session. Whether it's  live instrumentation you're interested in, or even canvassing their extensive catalogue of untapped heat, we have the missing piece you need for your record's added star power.